Empowering Chairs. Building Leaders.

Our Leadership

The Executive Board of the Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization was elected by the Chairs of the Washington State Democrats in January 2017. The members span both geographical and social boundaries and bring with them a passion for making our state party and its leadership the best they can be.


Micah Rowland

Micah serves as Chair of the 21st LD and the Second Vice Chair of the Snohomish County Democrats. He is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians, an ocean conservationist, and a technology professional.

Carol Brock
Vice Chair I

Carol Brock serves as Chair of the Lewis County Democrats


Naomi Whitmore
Vice Chair II

Naomi is Chair of the Yakima County Democrats.


Hillary Moralez

Hillary Moralez serves as Chair of the Snohomish County Democrats


David Green

David serves as Chair of the Third Legislative District. He has 35 years of experience as a certified public accountant, and has served as treasurer of his legislative district and a federal congressional campaign.


Chairs serve as moderators, planners, mediators, and advocates for their respective organizations.


Without great officers, Chairs would be unable to be successful. This organization seeks to help Chairs empower their officers.


The Democratic Party is a member driven organization. Members are both the grassroots and the driving force behind all of our work.

Our Priorities

The Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization driving mission is to empower Chairs. To do so, it seeks to:

Our Mission

Bringing together leaders from across the party, providing education and support, and connecting Chairs and their officers to the resources they need to be successful leaders.

Our Bylaws


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