Resignation of Chair Lynda Foster

The Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization has received the resignation of our Chair, Lynda Foster. The entire executive board wishes to thank her for her hard work, the dedication she has shown to this organization during her tenure, and wish her the best of luck in her current and future endeavors.

Per Article V of our bylaws, our First Vice Chair Micah Rowland shall serve in the role of Chair until a new chair is elected.

If you have any inquiries regarding this matter, please email

Article V - Section 2

Vacancy in Office of Chair – Whenever a vacancy in the office of Chair shall occur, the vacancy shall be announced at the next duly noticed meeting. The First Vice-Chair shall act as Chair of the WSDCO until the duly noticed meeting following the announcement, at which time a new Chair shall be elected. Election of officers – Shall not be conducted unless due notice of the election is given as set forth in Article VIII of these bylaws.